1. Keto Kraze

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I apologize for breaking my promise about posting more! =/ Sorry!

    So I was recently introduced to the Ketogenic Diet by a friend of mine (thanks, Huy!). I’m about less than a month away from my trip to Cabo so I figured it was a good month for me to start a diet. The Keto Diet is basically a high fat/protein and low carb diet. The great thing about it is that it encourages eating really fatty foods, such as bacon! You can’t say no to a diet that encourages you to eat BACON! Anyways, I’ve been researching some new recipes on this Keto Diet and there a bunch that I want to try and share!

    First on my list this week was a Creamy Tuscan Chicken recipe that I paired with a side salad I threw together. Check out the pics and recipe below (still working on my food presentation). ;) Also, please pardon the crappy iPhone photos…I lost my charger for my camera. Oh and also for not taking pics along the way; I was way too effin hungry to do that much extra work.



    Creamy Tuscan Chicken w/ Sauteed Mushrooms, Spinach and Basil

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  2. Giving Thanks

    Although Thanksgiving is long gone, I thought I’d share some pics from my Thanksgiving this year. As mentioned in my previous blog, I joined my bf’s family on Thanksgiving Day for a KFC Thanksgiving! His mom pre-ordered a Cajun Deep Fried Turkey (as pictured below) and honestly, it was just okay… I was highly disappointed because I thought KFC could never do wrong, but this year it did. It was my first time every having a deep fried turkey and it’s safe to say I probably won’t ever have it again. The turkey was pretty dry, but it did look yummy! As always  you can’t go wrong with KFC sides so I just made sure I had a heaping spoonful of mashed potatoes and gravy with each bite of turkey. We ended our meal with a Caramel Apple Cheesecake with Streusel Topping




    The next day, we continued to give Thanks at my sister’s house w/ my family. Per usual, we did a roast (since not many of us love turkey enough to have it 2 days in a row). This year my family did a prime rib roast and my oh my was it delicious. We were all starving after cooking that I didn’t get to take many photos of our dinner on my regular camera, but I managed to snap a few crappy ones on my phone. As pictured below, we had: Prime Rib Roast, Sautéed Green Beans, Sweet Potato Yams, Baked Mac & Cheese, Mommas’ New Sweet Chicken creation of some sort, and a bunch of other things that I didn’t take photos of. All in all, it was a nice little vacation from my vacation in Thailand! =)

    (Please pardon the really crappy photos…it’s all I have from my Thanksgiving w/ my family..haha)





  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    2 hours after my last post and jet lag still has the best of me, so I’ve decided to do a quick Thanksgiving post! This year I get to partake in the bf’s KFC turkey dinner with his family tonight, which also happens to be his birthday! Haha..I’ve never had a KFC turkey so I’m pretty excited cause I REALLY like KFC. I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family on Friday since my family isn’t huge on the Black Friday shopping and we don’t like having to rush to different houses on Thanksgiving Day. So thankful for that! I think now is a good time to transition into my “Thankful List.”

    Who/What I’m Thankful For:

    • Family
    • Friends
    • Significant Otter
    • The Holidays
    • Food/Wine
    • Life
    • Laughing
    • Smiles
    • Love
    • A Home
    • Penguins (they always put a smile on my face)
    • My New Job
    • Good-hearted People
    • Genuine People
    • Technology (seriously, could not live a full day away from my phone or laptop)
    • Coming home safely after my vacation in Thailand

    This list can go on…but I’ll stop it there for now! Happy Thanksgiving, all! Eat well, drink lots and be thankful!

  4. fall & jet lag.

    I’d been meaning to post about the Fall season arriving and bringing in the fun and festive holidays, but I had a bunch of things happen in the past month and a half that it completely sidetracked me from doing so. I figured with jet lag keeping me up for the past 2.5 hours, now would be a good time to blog!

    Halloween came and left surprisingly fast this year, but that might be because I’m just getting old and the idea of partying in lingerie that one can pass off as a costume just didn’t appeal too much to me this year. Despite, my early-grinchiness (w/ Halloween), I couldn’t help but drag the bf out to a pumpkin patch with me to pick out a pumpkin and snap some vibrant photos! Take a peek at the pretty pumpkins below!

    I was hoping that I’d be sleepy after writing this post, but of course, I am still wide awake. As soon as I get my SD card reader from the bf, I’ll be sure to upload pictures from my trip to Thailand. I’m obviously still on Thailand time since I literally just got back to the states less than 12 hours ago…wish me luck with this jet lag! 

  5. homemade pizza!

    It’s been a LONG time since I’ve blogged, but now that I have my new S100 I decided to do a little cooking earlier this week. The significant otter is quite fond of pizza so I thought it would be fun if we made pizza since it’s his favorite! I went to Trader Joe’s and bought all of my ingredients there, including the pre-made pizza dough. My next task is to try to make the dough from scratch, but TJ’s pre-made dough is quite fool-proof and the time-saver! I also purchased TJ’s pre-made pizza sauce and it was very delicious. When I have a free weekend day, I’ll learn to make all of these things from scratch! Ingredients that I used for my pizza are listed below!

    1 pack of Trader Joe’s Pre-Made Pizza Dough

    2 pieces of hot Italian Sausage

    1 pack of Pepperoni 

    1/3 Green Bell Pepper

    2 Mushrooms

    2 Cups of Mozzarella Cheese

    Click below to see my step-by-step photos!

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